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Focusing on Health

The old saying "health is wealth" is so true. As I approach a milestone birthday and I watch my loved ones age, it motivates me review my overall health. Am I healthy? Hydrated? Am I getting enough rest? Working out? Nutrients? It's ALOT. I've been thinking about juicing for a while. So, Monday 8.14.23, I decided that was the day. Monday, I juiced celery, lime, red apple and grapes. lol, I was literally cleaning out the refrigerator. On Tuesday, I was more intention and I used green apples 🍏 lime, strawberries 🍓 and carrot 🥕 it was delicious!!! So, here are their benefits:

🍏 fiber, vitamins K, vitamin A, antioxidant, minerals

Lime: regulates sugar absorption, rejuvenates skin, decreases body odor, improves constipation, improves eye health and aids in weight loss

🍓packed full of Vitamin C which decreases your risk for cancer, Diabetes, stroke and heart disease

🥕 packed full of Vitamin A, beta carotene that improves eye health, antioxidants, iron absorption, liver and kidney function.

I will keep you posted on my progress!

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